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    Brooke Edwards
    Wednesday, October 26, 2016
    How can it already be the last week of October!? It should still be Summer! Sun shining, sun bathing, shorts, sandals and the excessive heat that everyone complains about. However, it is now Fall and I’m so excited! There are leaves on the ground, breezy weather and its time for bonfires!

    Hands down October is the best month out of the year. We have so many things to look forward to. Bonfires, sweatshirt weather, Halloween, pumpkin carving, and Pinckneyville’s tradition, Mardi Gras! With Mardi Gras being Saturday I thought I’d write my column about Halloween/Mardi Gras memories from when I was a little girl.

    Growing up Halloween was such a fun time of the year. My Grandma (Sis Edwards) loved Halloween as much as I do. She would always make sure that Brandon and I had several things to do! Like I said, October is the month that leaves start to fall. Our Grandma had a few trees in her yard that would produce so many leaves that we could rake in huge piles and jump in! Pretty sure we did this for hours! After spending all that time jumping in piles of leaves and spreading them all back out, Grandma would be inside making Hot Cocoa for us to enjoy while warming up from the breezy fall weather.

    However, now that I’m an adult (21) Halloween is a bit different. I miss the days where I would put my Halloween costume on and go house to house trick or treating. I miss dressing up, it was always so fun.. especially walking through the kiddie parade during grade school…but now that I am older I enjoy watching the little kids dress up, there is so many different ideas nowadays then there was when I was little. Kudos to Pinterest!! I also miss collecting all the candy at the Mardi Gras parade but now I have little cousins that I help grab candy for! However…the one good thing that is different is I can be more creative on carving a pumpkin!

    Just in the past few years I’ve started carving pumpkins.…(My mom said we always carved pumpkins when we were little…but I don’t remember…?) I do remember one year though we cleaned out a pumpkin, carved it (i guess?) and displayed it on our front porch. However, I live in the middle of town and someone had busted them on the sidewalk the first night they were out on our steps! Therefore, living in town you can not display your beautiful pumpkin on the front porch. So within the past few years Alexis and I usually spend the night before Mardi Gras baking treats and carving pumpkins. We then display our masterpieces on the back patio!

    That leads me up to Mardi Gras!! Mardi Gras is my favorite weekend out of the year! It is such a busy weekend for the town of Pinckneyville. It is like homecoming in town, people who have lived here and left the area come home for this special weekend and visit family and bring their children to enjoy the festivities of this small community. As a kid I always spent my Saturday up town at the flea market running around with my friends and family until it was parade time! When I was in Junior High we got to march in the parade, which was always fun because there isn’t many parades you march in at night and get to wear glow sticks. Then, in High School we walked with the Cheer Team which was always fun spending time with your cheer sisters laughing and having a good time. Now that I am no longer involved in High School activities, I can enjoy the parade from the street side!

    My Friday afternoon will start out with the Kiddie parade at 1:30 also the business trick or treat will be that evening in the old Hospital Parking Lot starting at 6 p.m. Make sure you come see Stephanie and I and get a candy bag!! I’ll be at the Press table Saturday morning so make sure you stop by and see my smiling face and check out what we have going on! Also, don’t forget to get your 50/50 tickets!! They are selling like hot cakes!!

    I hope you all have a fun weekend at the Mardi Gras festivities and have a Happy Halloween! Keep an eye out for my columns in the future!

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