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  • Help Brooke Make A Cook Book!

    Brooke Edwards
    Thursday, December 8, 2016

    Within the past couple of months I have gotten into researching different recipes and wanting to make different kinds of dishes. However, my mother is planning on making my sister and I a cookbook with some of her passed down recipes, such as her famous chicken and dumplings and vegetable soup. Mind you I still live at home and enjoy her delicious home cooked meals every night, but for when I’m older and have to cook for my own family I’m going to want something to refer back to.

    Don’t get me wrong, Pinterest is a great place to hop online and type in a certain recipe that your looking for but I want to have my own cook book that has all different types of soups, dips, desserts, appetizers and especially homemade recipes that have been passed down from family members, plus the new recipes that have came about. When my mom cooks specific dishes she always pulls out an old cook book that has different recipes in it from when she was young and use to bake with her grandmother. I want to have something to cherish like that for when I have children one day and be able to pass down the recipes that my mother had.

    Anyway, I’ve been on a kick with crock pot recipes. I must say those are awesome. You just throw everything into a crockpot and they are done in like 4-6 hours. Easy right? Well I need your help, I’m wanting to make a cookbook with a bunch of different recipes submitted from our readers! Have a certain way you make chili? I want to hear how you make it. Use a certain ingredient that makes your family members crave? I want to know it!

    So I am asking for your help! Send me your favorite recipes, whether it is a favorite crockpot recipe, dessert, dip, casserole, soup anything! You can mail them to the office at 111 S. Walnut Street, email them to me at, drop them off here at the office or you can even shoot me a Facebook message. I look forward to seeing all the different types of recipes everyone makes!

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