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    Brett Templeton - The Duchess
    Friday, September 2, 2016

    In honor of the fair being in town this week, I tried to think up some fair memories at the behest of Kendra. For some reason, though, I didn’t have very many. I don’t know if it was the lack of corndogs I’ve had this week or just a case of writer’s block, but for an event I’ve been to every year of my life I can’t say a lot of memories stick out in my mind.

    When I was little my favorite place to go was the Expo Hall. I don’t know if it was because of the exhibitions, or if it was the air conditioning, but either way it sticks out in my mind. I liked looking at other people’s artwork. Drawings and paintings hung on all the walls, as well as photography. The unusually sized fruits and vegetables also caught my attention. Out of the ordinary things always hold my attention.

    Speaking of out of the ordinary, I always liked the “freak show” that was out there. I loved walking through those creepy buildings and looking at the fake attractions. It was back last year, after taking a few years off.

    I asked around the office to see what everyone else remembered about the fair.

    Kendra remembered going on a specific ride with her dad. It was her first upside down ride, and she was scared. Holding on to her seat tightly, white-knuckled, she waited for the ride to start. She said her dad didn’t realize the ride they were going on was going to flip them upside down, and as a result did not remove his belongings from his shirt pocket. Everything he had on him fell out during the coaster ride, and they had to spend the next 30 minutes under the roller coaster scouring the grounds trying to find his things.

    Amanda said her favorite memory was going to see childhood heart throbs New Kids on the Block and Tiffany at the Grandstand. The only Grandstand shows I’ve ever been to were the ones I saw last year while working.

    Stephanie said she remembered when school didn’t go back into session until after Labor Day, so you had the whole week of the fair to run around doing whatever you wanted. There was no school to get ready for in the morning, so you could stay out late and go to the fair whatever time of day tickled your fancy. Unfortunately that luxury ended when I was a kid.

    She also remembered the mouthy clown who sat in the dunk tank. She said one year he was so horrible he had to be escorted off the grounds at night because there were groups of people waiting to beat him up.

    Brooke’s memories are a little different than the rest of ours. Maybe because her memories are only a year or so old.

    21-year-old Brooke said she misses being young enough to ride rides. However, she’s only just turned 21 about a week ago now, and hasn’t even been old enough in her lifetime to go to the beer tent. So yeah, we feel ya Brooke…

    She said she spent most of her fair time walking around with her friends eating fair food. Well, she spent SOME of the time walking. The majority of the time was actually spent standing under the “misty things,” as she so eloquently named them, because it was so hot.

    Regardless of how you spend the fair, I hope you all have a good time.

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