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  • “Hi my name is Brooke and I always have a smile on my face…”

    Babbling Brooke: Brooke Edwards
    Wednesday, January 18, 2017
    “Hi my name is Brooke and I always have a smile on my face…”

    Have you been around someone that is always smiling, laughing and just appreciates the simple things in life! Well if you don’t know me… That’s me! Smiling, laughing and having a good time is right down my ally! Laughing is my favorite and for the people that don’t know me I am the one that works the front desk here at the Press and also works the cash register at Perry County Market Place! Yup, thats me the one that always has a smile on my face!

    Scrolling through the web the other day I came across a quote by Charlie Chaplin. The quote read “A day without laughter is a day wasted” This is perfect! I always say by the end of the day if I have no make up on you know I had a good day of laughing. So I asked some friends and fellow co-workers of my mine here at the Press: “How do I make you laugh” Here are their response.

    Kendra Crews: “With your quirky and Brooke moments, you always have a funny joke about something silly that happens and it makes me feel better…plus your lack of pop culture knowledge”

    Collin Dorsey: “Besides your cat stories…hmm..You keep me entertained as I get my stuff done. You’re a fun person to talk to and you’re my age so we can relate to the same things”

    Pat Bathon: “You make me laugh by just being you, there is too many things too list.”

    Stephanie Waller: “Brooke let me count the ways…”

    Jeff Egbert: “Oh Brooke..It’s the sweet way that you don’t know any pop culture references prior to 2010.”

    Alexis Keith: “When are we not laughing, from you’re stories you that never have an end, to the stories you can’t tell because you’re laughing to hard, and all of our jam sessions in between. No matter what the situation you always find the humor in it. There is never a time when you don’t have a smile on you’re face an one of us does not have tears in our eyes from laughing so hard.”

    Nathen: “You make me laugh when you randomly tell me things, like looking me dead in the face sand saying, ugh you’re such a dweeb..” (Haha sorry dear)

    Aunt Diana “Listening to you go on and on and on telling a story”

    From the quotes above I think we can all agree that I leave everyone speechless! Hahah I amaze people with my crazy wacked out stories and my funny random moments. I know my coworkers here at the Press really get a kick out of the fact that I’m not real familiar with older music (except Bon Jovi) and especially quotes from movies…(Sorry Jeff). So every time one of them ask me a question regarding if I know who sings this or who says this.. I just respond…Bon Jovi??

    We were giving this one life to live and to enjoy what we have while we have it, so why live a boring life! Smile, laugh and appreciate the people around you! In my opinion, no body likes a boring atmosphere. I mean somebody has to lighten the mood when times are tough right?

    Have a Happy New Year!!


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