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    Brett Templeton - The Duchess
    Sunday, August 21, 2016

    I finally did it. I drove around the round-a-bout.

    I have to admit, I was scared at first. It was a whole new world — the road now goes in a circle instead of a line out there. Times they are a-changin’.

    However, I did survive. I went around the circle and got off where I was supposed to, and lived to write another column.

    Here’s what I think about the round-a-bout: it’s a road. It’s officially there, and there’s nothing we can do about it. If you want to throw a huge fit about it and actually see something happen, I would suggest having multiple wrecks on it and then trying to sue. But as a human-being and not just someone who likes to watch chaos unfold, I do not suggest that option as it is dangerous and I’m kind of against suing people if one can help it.

    I asked Facebook friends what they thought about it, and most came to a similar consensus.

    Karla Pearson said it was a waste of taxpayer money, and suggested that I speak to some of the drivers at Barr Trucking to get their opinions.

    Angela Wildermuth said that her kids waved their hands out of the sunroof like it was a ride, and added that they love it. Gina Skelton said that on a recent trip to Oxbow, she had a bit of trouble navigating it and even more so once it was dark out.

    Bethany Robinson said that once everyone gets used to it she thinks it will make traffic flow that much better on that side of town. Sandy West agreed, saying traffic has become safer for all of those who travel on 154 and 13 by slowing drivers down.

    Kathy West wanted to remind those who condemn the round-a-bout that it was not a city decision, but a state one. She also added that she’d been on the thing for days going in circles and hadn’t yet figured out how to get off of it…(Sorry Kathy, had to throw that in, it cracked me up!)

    As I said before, it’s here whether we like it or not. Whether or not it will make driving safer is yet to be seen. I agree that it’s a waste of taxpayer money. I think that with the State of Illinois in the shape it’s in, a round-a-bout in Pinckneyville would be the least of their worries. I also understand that it was probably money just laying around in IDOT’s coffers that had to be spent on something. It’s unfortunate that that money could not have somehow been transferred to, say, the schools but oh well. It’s here, it’s a sphere, and I’m out of words that rhyme.

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