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  • CCSD 204: Tax Rate for Education Fund Explained

    Brett Templeton
    Friday, September 2, 2016

    The CCSD 204 School Board met on August 23, where they discussed a question that will be on voter’s ballots this fall regarding tax rates.

    While the ballot officially has to call for an “increase in the tax rate for the education fund from the current maximum of 1.50 percent upon the property of the district as equalized and asses to the rate of 1.75 percent,” the board is not asking for taxes in the district to be raised. Rather, a ‘yes’ vote on this item would keep the district from having to raise taxes in the future.

    “We’re just asking taxpayers to allow us to move money from one place to another,” Superintendent Jerry Travelstead said. “The education fund is where the money is needed. Since most of our money is local taxes, we are hurting because we aren’t allowed to move money without taxpayer permission.”

    Travelstead also pointed out that the wording on the ballot can be deceiving.

    “On the ballot it looks like we’re trying to raise taxes, but that’s not what the intention is. The intention is to make due with what we’ve got, we’re just transferring funds,” Travelstead explained.

    In fact, according to Travelstead, tax rates in the 204 district have gone down around 12 percent in the last four years.

    To sum it up, Travelstead stated, ”we have the money, it’s just not in the fund we need it in.”

    The board approved the resolution to submit the above question, which will appear on ballots in November.

    In other business:

    The board approved the third reading of the school’s press policy, as well as the fuel bid from FS. A tentative school budget for the fiscal year 2017 was also approved.

    Before closing, two coaches were hired, and three volunteers were approved. Hayden Carter will be the new assistant baseball coach at 204, and Cameron Obermeier will take on cross country.

    As far as volunteers, Marty Skorch will be working with the softball team, Grayson Buza with the boys basketball team, and Bri Holford and Jennifer Lemmon will be assistants to the cheerleading squad.

    The meeting was adjourned with the next date set for Sept. 27.

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