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  • Sam Kuhnert interviews Indian football coach AJ Hill during his first live Facebook broadcast for WDQN.
    Kuhnert Honors Hepp's Legacy on WDQN

    Brett Templeton
    Friday, September 2, 2016

    Sam Kuhnert, co-founder of NubAbility Athletics, will be taking over WDQN’s Coach’s Corner on Saturday mornings during football, basketball and baseball season. Kuhnert plans to honor his predecessor, Caby Hepp, who created the show years ago.

    “My primary focus is to make sure Caby is honored. I know he loved that sports show. He brought me in the studio a couple times. He loved the station, and he loved the show,” Kuhnert said.

    Kuhnert made his debut on August 20 with a pre-season football show. He brought in Du Quoin Football Coach AJ Hill to talk about his upcoming game against Massac County and to let fans get a feel for this year’s Indian football team.

    “I think it’s great to let the community get to know the team better,” Kuhnert said.

    The first show was a success, and as he Kuhnert prepared for his second show, which was last Saturday, he announced plans to do something new.

    As of last Saturday and every Coach’s Corner Kuhnert hosts from here on out, Sam and the coaches he interviews will be live on Facebook.

    “We’re gonna go live on Facebook, which WDQN has never done before, for all the viewers to see and hear it,” Kuhnert said. “There will be nothing to interfere with the live stream.”

    Kuhnert said that, while the radio station’s AM broadcast works well for games, he thought the Saturday morning show needed a different approach. He said that adding the Facebook aspect would allow people from all over the country, or even all over the world, to tune in and connect with their Du Quoin and Pinckneyville sports teams.

    “I thought it would be something that Caby, if he were here today, would be doing,” Kuhnert added.

    Following their first games of the season, Kuhnert interviewed Hill in the studio, along with Pinckneyville Football Coach Todd Thomas over the phone last Saturday. While interviewing the coaches is obviously a main focus of the show, Kuhnert also has a few other ideas to throw in the mix while still honoring Caby’s “pride and joy.”

    “Around playoff time I’m thinking about bringing in former Indian players who made an impact to give their opinion on what things were like when they played, and how they are now. I’m also hoping to bring girls sports in to let the girls have the same spotlight as the guys.”

    While he gears up for football season, Kuhnert says he will be hosting Coach’s Corner during the basketball and baseball seasons as well, and will continue to go live on Facebook.

    “I don’t know of another two towns where sports are life like they are in Du Quoin and Pinckneyville,” Kuhnert said. “Whenever your towns are centered around sports, you’ll have fans from all over the country who still want to hear what your towns are up to. That’s what Facebook will add to the show.”

    Kuhnert, who played two years of college baseball and coached two years of college baseball, said he felt a bit of remorse after graduating with his business degree thinking his career in sports was over. Thankfully, he was given the perfect opportunity at WDQN.

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